Macrium Reflect v8.0.5658 BETA

Date 22nd February 2021

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5658 BETA - 22nd February 2021

  • Log View
    • The 'Close All' toolbar button has been moved next to the 'Tab Switch on log open' check box.
    • 'Tab Switch on log open' now defaults to selected when first shown.
    • The 'Activity' > 'Latest' filter was not showing results for all selected statuses and was not fixed in v8.0.5656. This has been resolved.
    • The latest log will now not automatically open a new log tab.
    • Backup definition file names were shown in lowercase rather than actual file name case. This has been resolved.
    • When 'Tab Switch on log open' is not selected, the 2 second 'Glow' for the newly opened tab has been increased to 4 seconds and the tab will flash.
  • Patching
    The 'Restart Reflect after patching' setting was not honored after patching completion. This has been resolved.
  • Existing Backups View
    • An incorrect backup definition xml file name could be shown if a different definition to the Full was used for Incremental or Differential backups. This has been resolved.
      Note: The correct backup definition file name will be shown for new Inc and Diff backups. Existing backups will be un-changed from prior to this release.
    • An Application Exception crash could occur when creating a Differential Image using the context menu. This has been resolved.
  • Password Edit
    Ctrl+C copy is now enabled when a password is 'revealed'.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5656 BETA - 19th February 2021

  • Log View
    • We've added a 'Clear Filters' button to revert the filters to the default 'All' state.
    • We've added a 'Tab switch on log open' check box to cause the newly opened log tab to be selected and opened.  If not selected, the log list will retain the focus and the newly opened log tab will glow for a short time to draw attention to its location.
    • All columns in the log list are now sortable and have a sort indicator in the column header.
    • The 'View Latest' toolbar button now has an 'All' status selection and the 'backup Definition' filter now reverts to 'All' when any status is selected.
    • The 'Activity' > 'Latest' filter was not showing results for all selected statuses. This has been resolved.
  • Stealth Mode
    We've corrected typos and prevented the Stealth mode warning message from incorrectly displaying when editing a backup definition.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5653 BETA - 17th February 2021

  • Gmail OAuth 2.0 Integration
    The email server settings can now use Gmail as the service provider for sending completion email.

    Please see this KB article for more information.

  • New Log View
    We've extensively changed the log view tab to make searching large numbers of log files easier.

    Please see this KB article for more information.

  • Intra-Daily Backup Schedules
    You can now schedule backups using the Macrium Task Scheduler (MTS) or the Windows Task Scheduler (WTS) for a minimum of 15 minute intervals between start and end times for selected days.

    Note: We are aware of a bug in v8.0.5653 that causes the Stealth Mode warning dialog to be shown immediately when editing a backup definition that contains an Intra-daily schedule. This will be resolved in the next update.

    Please see this KB article for more information.

  • Image Restore
    When restoring image files with verification, the total progress could get out of sync and finish early. This has been resolved.
  • ReflectUI.exe Hang on Windows Restart
    We've added a log file 'C:\ProgramData\Macrium\ReflectUI\ReflectUI.log' to capture run time information to assist with detecting the cause of this problem.
  • ReflectBin.exe Hang on Close
    ReflectBin.exe could hang when closing and cause the scheduled tasks queue to hang. This has been resolved.
  • ReflectBin.exe Application Error
    A program exception could occur at the end of a backup. This has been resolved.
  • MS-DOS Batch Files
    Newly generate .bat files can now dynamically accept the backup type parameter, -full, -diff or -inc, at run time.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5633 BETA - 10th February 2021

  • Application Title Bar Theme Button
    We've removed the small Theme button from the main application window title bar. It provided little benefit, and caused difficulties implementing in light mode.
  • RMBuilder
    The application icon was incorrect and missing from the application title bar in dark mode. This has been resolved.
  • ReflectUI.exe Hanging on Exit
    We've improved the termination speed of ReflectUI to resolve the 'Not Responding' message on exit previously reported.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5627 BETA - 7th February 2021

  • Existing backups View
    The expand/collapse glyph in dark mode is now visible when the selected entry isn't focused.
    To expand/collapse you now need to click on the glyph rather than anywhere in the row.
  • RMBuilder
    The 'Cancel' button could fail to work when initializing the CD/DVD burner. This has been resolved.
  • Imaging
    • The volume name '<NO NAME>' wasn't displayed in the HTML log. This has been resolved.
    • If a volume with a drive letter was imaged, but the volume GUID path couldn't be found, this would incorrectly complete the image with a 'pssnap' message in the log. The image should fail in this case. This has been resolved.
    • In the Image and Backup dialog, the 'Advanced' option would reset the 'Run the purge before..' check-box. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5626 BETA - 5th February 2021

  • Imaging and Cloning
    If a drive letter was added or removed without refreshing or restarting Reflect, then the operation could fail. This has been resolved.
  • Backup Definition and Scheduled Tasks Views
    Rename, Delete or Edit operations may not have been visible in the list view until after a refresh, mouse click or move. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5621 BETA - 5th February 2021

  • Dark Mode
    Disabled static text would be displayed embossed and distorted. This has been resolved.
  • Image Log
    When a volume GUID couldn't be found for a drive then 'Using pssnap' would incorrectly be displayed in the log. This has been resolved.
  • File Delete
    A failed file delete would incorrectly hide the 'OK' button and change 'Cancel' to 'Close'. This has been resolved.
  • Consolidation
    Images containing ReFS volumes could incorrectly fail consolidation. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5619 BETA - 3rd February 2021

  • File Name Parameters
    The day of the month file name parameter wasn't created with a leading zero. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder
    Certain characters, such as '&', would not be displayed correctly in the path name. This has been resolved.
  • File Delete
    Attempting to delete a locked Image or File backup file would not display an error. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5617 BETA - 2nd February 2021

  • Macrium tbFAT
    This release includes a new mounting driver for File and Folder backups using the Macrium terabyte FAT file system. This increases the maximum file size over FAT32 from 4GB to 3.9TB. All existing File and Folder backups are compatible. Please reboot after patching if you still see multiple 'split' files.

    Please see this KB article for more information.

  • Clone and Restore
    We've added dismount warning message boxes when Imaging or Cloning from removable media. These are shown when 'Finish' is clicked in either the Image or Clone dialog or when an xml def is run interactively.
    We've also added a 'Do not show this again' check box that can be reset in Edit Defaults.
  • Verify File System Default
    The default selection for 'Verify file systems before backup' wasn't persisting. This has been resolved.
  • Settings Export / Import
    • The default folder is now DOCUMENTS\Reflect. This is set on a per user basis, and the default will be set on first use of this build, regardless of the previous path used.
    • The description text now updates correctly when changing between Export and Import
  • viBoot Installation
    viBoot will now install in the same 'Program Group' as Macrium Reflect. Please run the full installer to update the installed Program Group.
  • Backup Plan templates
    The templates edit dialog didn't display the text for the backup frequency combo boxes. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5607 BETA - 31st January 2021

  • Clone and Restore
    • We've added a warning when cloning/restoring multiple partitions to a flash drive using Windows versions prior to Windows 10 1709.
      The operation completes successfully, but only the first partition is visible to earlier Windows versions.
    • An incorrect 'System Partition' status message could be shown in the Partition Layout dialog. This has been resolved.
  • Backup File Name Formatting
    When creating Inc or Diff backups with no user defined part of the file name, an additional '-' character would be added before the file number suffixes. This has been resolved.
  • Backup Start Countdown
    If the number of countdown seconds was set to zero, then the Backup Start dialog would not be dismissed. This has been resolved.

    Note: A bug with the Import settings functionality in earlier releases could set the delay to zero

  • Settings Export / Import
    We've improved the export/import dialog and changed the exported contents from .xml to registry .reg files.

    Note: Previously exported .zip files are now incompatible and cannot be imported.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5586 BETA - 27th January 2021

  • Clone and Restore
    • Cloning from a flash drive failed with a VSS error. This has been resolved.
    • Cloning and restoring could fail to assign a drive letter to the target volume. This has been resolved.
    • An unnecessary overwrite warning could be displayed when restoring to removable media. This has been resolved.
    • We've improved the partition layout dialog with status messages to indicate why a partition can't be resized or moved.
  • File and Folder Existing Files View
    After closing the verification dialog the top pane in the File and Folder view would be hidden until the window was resized. This has been resolved.
  • File Name Parameters
    • Backup file time parameters now exactly match the 'Starting Image' times in the log.
    • Synthetic full consolidation will now update backup date parameters in the Full backup file name to reflect the backup date of the merge target Incremental backup.
    • The backup type parameter would display 'Inc' for Differential backups. This has been resolved.
  • File Name Prefix
    • We've removed the Backup Set ISO date prefix from the Reflect UI as it will likely create confusion given there are now additional backup date/time parameters.
      As the ISO date prefix is unlikely to be commonly used, it is now a registry setting.
      Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macrium\Reflect\Defaults
      Name: FilenamePrefix
      Type: DWORD32
      Value: 0 = Image ID, 1 = ISO Date
      The date/time uses the default format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH.MM.SS.
      The optional separator characters in the registry are used, but will not be disclosed to customers when released unless requested. These will not persist for the life of the backup set. i.e, the separators will change the file name mid set if modified in the registry.
    • The file name prefix type, Image ID or Set ISO date, will now persist for the life of the backup set regardless of registry setting.
    • Upgraded v7 XML definitions should now persist with the same Prefix setting used in v7.
  • Delete Files Dialog
    Diff backups in the Delete Backup Files dialog would incorrectly be parented by the previous Diff. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5575 BETA - 25th January 2021

  • Backup File Name Parameters
    We've added parameters to enable dynamic information to be included in backup file names.

    Please see this KB article for more information on what's included.

  • Macrium Task Scheduler
    Under certain conditions, the Macrium Task Scheduler would not start up properly after rebooting and prevent scheduled tasks from running. This has been resolved.
  • Backup Start Dialog
    The title text on the Backup Start Dialog could extend beyond the width of the dialog. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5573 BETA - 23rd January 2021

  • UI Improvements
    • We've changed title text for Restore dialog to reflect the button text.
  • Edit Comments Dialog
    We've improved the Edit Comments dialog by showing a marquee progress during update.

    Note: When updating a comment for Incremental Delta backups, the entire index is rebuilt and re-hashed. This may take some time.

  • Application Load Speed
    We've improved the time to load the application when there are many scheduled tasks. Navigating the backup files in the 'Existing Backups View' should also be quicker.
  • Trial Days Remaining
    The number of trial days remaining shown in the backup log was off by one. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5570 BETA - 22nd January 2021

  • UI Improvements
    • Dark Theme. We've improved the contrast of disabled text color and the background color.
    • Dark Theme. The CBT description text appeared 'embossed' when disabled. This is resolved.
    • We've dropped the 'emailing' text prefix in 'emailing Logs For backups' text
    • We've changed the task group heading text from "Restore Tasks" to "Existing Backup Tasks"
    • We've changed title text for Clone/Restore to reflect the button text.
  • Edit Comments Dialog.
    The Edit Comments dialog in the 'Existing Backups View' has been updated to make the edit control auto-wrap text.
  • Reveal Passwords
    Reveal Passwords was inoperable if the Windows account had a blank password, This has been resolved.

    Note: If you are running Macrium Reflect with an Administrator account without a password, you will not be required to authenticate.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5565 BETA - 21st January 2021

  • Scheduled Backups Tab
    We've moved the Scheduled Backups tabs next to the Scripts tab.
  • Loading Speed
    We've improved the application startup speed when stale XML definitions are located on a disconnected network share.

    Note:This change wasn't implemented in release v8.0.5557 as originally indicated.

  • 'Actions' Menu
    The Disk 'Actions' menu didn't display properly when opened near the TaskBar causing the last menu item to be triggered in error. This has been resolved.
  • File Name Unique Prefix
    We've move the ISO Date/Image ID selection to the defaults and made it a choice rather than selection. The Advanced properties in backup definitions now includes a single check-box to enable a unique prefix.
  • Log View Crash
    A program exception could occur when viewing logs by XML def from the Existing Backups tab. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5557 BETA - 19th January 2021

  • Scripts Tab
    We've merged the scripts tabs into a single tab adjacent to the backup definitions tab.

    Note: The icons used to represent the script types are not consistent. We are aware of this

  • UI error in the backup wizard
    A stray tooltip was shown in the retention page of the backup wizard. This has been resolved
  • FAT32 Image Progress
    The total progress when creating FAT32 images was understated. This has been resolved.
  • MTS
    We've fixed a potential problem when converting UTC to local time.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5554 BETA - 18th January 2021

  • Backup Definition Destination
    When editing existing backup definitions, the destination path would default to the last entered instead of the path defined in the definition. This has been resolved.
  • USB Flash Drive Imaging
    We've added the ability to image and clone removable media, including USB flash drives.

    Note: Some older flash drives were OEM formatted without an MBR and cannot be re-fomatted. These are not supported.
  • Restore Completion Message Box
    The restore completion message box has been reinstated.
  • Restore/Clone Drag/Drop Message Box
    We've added an informational message box in the restore/clone wizard to indicate the reason for a failed drop.
  • UI Improvements
    • We've added a button in the Light Theme Window title bar to change themes.
      Note: This implementation is not quite complete. The button rendering has problems with multi DPI/monitor systems.
    • We've updated the Rescue Media icon in the Reflect main toolbar and menu.
    • The dark mode tree expand/collapse button in shell dialogs has been made visible.

Bug fixes and Improvements v8.0.5549 BETA - 16th January 2021

  • Task Scheduler
    The Macrium Task Scheduler will no longer display 'Unspecified Error' when creating, editing or deleting a scheduled task
  • UI Changes
    Toolbar button captions and Theme menu item name improvements.
  • Explorer Context Menu
    The Macrium 'Restore' explorer context menu has been reinstated.
  • Macrium Image Guardian
    MIG can now be enabled on exFAT formatted local volumes. Please note that removable drives are not supported.

Initial Beta Release v8.0.5521 BETA - 13th January 2021