Macrium Reflect v8.0.5903

Date 17th May 2021

v8.0.5903 - 17th May 2021

  • Macrium Reflect v8.0 - First Public Release
    We're excited to announce the official release of Macrium Reflect v8.0.

    Macrium Reflect v8.0 has been comprehensively overhauled to provide a better user experience, and we've added some great new functionality as well...

    • Resilient File System (ReFS) and exFAT support
    • Dark Theme
    • Intra-Daily scheduled backups
    • Removable media Imaging and Cloning support
    • Automatic partiton resizing when restoring or cloning to different sized disks
    • New 'Existing Backups' view
    • Improved File and Folder backup wizard
    • Improved backup file name functionality
    • New tbFAT driver for mounting File and Folder backups
    • Redesigned and Improved 'Log' view
    • OAuth 2.0 email authentication for Gmail and Outlook 365
    • viBoot now includes Oracle VirtualBox support

    Please visit our knowledgebase for more information: New in Macrium Reflect 8.0