Macrium Reflect v6.0.685

Date 17th June 2015

Bug Fixes: v6.0.685

  • Error when creating a Differential or Incremental
    A program error could occur when creating a Differential or Incremental Image if no Full was found in the target folder. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.0.684:

  • Reflect v6 Free Edition
    Macrium Reflect v6 Free has now been released. Please see here for more information on the v6 Free feature set:
  • 'swapfile.sys'
    Data from the the Windows 8.0/8.1 temporary file 'swapfile.sys' is now excluded from images.
  • Windows 10
    An in-place upgrade of the Windows OS to Windows 10 will retain the Macrium Reflect license after upgrading.
  • Technicians USB stick improvement
    The Macrium Reflect Technicians USB stick will now ignore bad sector 'CRC' errors by default. A summary of bad sector will be displayed in the Image log.
  • Technicians USB grace period
    A 14 days 'grace' period has been added to the expiration of the Technicians USB stick.
  • Backup set error detection
    For scheduled images, when creating an Incremental or Differential Image, If corruption is detected in the backup set index then a Full image is automatically created.

Bug Fixes:

  • Free space threshold check-box not copied from defaults
    The default selection for free space threshold was not copied to backup definition files when creating a new definition. This has been resolved.
  • Extended partition table sequence
    Restored images of MBR disks where the extended partition table is out of sequence could cause corruption of the restored partition table. This is a very edge case where the partition table was originally initialized outside of Windows. This has been resolved.
  • XML list view hidden
    The list of backup definitions could be hidden if the lower widow is dragged to the top of the container. This has been resolved and restarting reflect restores the original position.
  • Maximum file size setting
    If the Maximum File size setting was changed mid backup set then the value from the Full image was always used. This has been resolved.
  • Crash during consolidation
    A program error could occur if an incomplete backup set was detected in the backup target folder. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes: v6.0.638

  • "Failed to create empty document" message at start-up
    A fresh install of v6 over an existing v5 install could cause an error message box to be displayed when starting Reflect until next reboot. This has been resolved.
  • Unnecessary backup file 'Splits' when free space is low
    When starting a backup the maximum backup file size was set to the remaining free space on the backup drive. This is unnecessary if a 'Free Space Threshold' is set in the retention rules and could cause an unnecessary 'split' of the backup file. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE build failure
    Windows PE rescue media could fail to build if the location of the PE files was on a disconnected drive or if there was insufficient free space. This has been resolved.
  • Default retention rules ordered incorrectly
    In the 'Edit Defaults' 'Retention Rules' property page, the selection for 'Backups', 'Days' and 'Weeks' was not in the correct sequence. This has been resolved.
  • 'Differential' option not available when selecting the 'Other Actions' menu in the 'Restore' tab
    The Differential backup option was missing if the backup was created with 'the 'Synthetic Full' option checked. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes: v6.0.617

  • Failed backup reported as successful
    A bug has come to our attention where a failed backup could be reported as successful. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.0.611:

  • Prompt for passwords
    You can now enter the password '$PROMPT$' in the backup definition and a password dialog will request the password during backup execution.
  • Desktop shortcut prompt for backup type
    You can now create a desktop shortcut for an xml backup definition that prompts for backup type (Full, Diff or Inc).
  • VBScript improvement
    VBScript now uses 'robocopy' to synchronize backup files when 'Directory Synchronization' is enabled in the VBscript options dialog.

Bug Fixes:

  • Mouse scroll wheel issue
    The mouse scroll wheel would not scroll the backup definition window. This has been resolved.
  • Retention issue when running a Diff or Inc from the 'Restore' tab
    Reflect could incorrectly apply retention rules when a Diff or Inc backup was run directly from the restore tab. This has been resolved.
  • Free disk space problem with DFS shares
    Reflect could incorrectly report the wrong free disk space if a Distributed File System (DFS) share was used as the backup target. This has been resolved.
  • Backup time incorrect if the backup took more than 24 hours
    The time to complete a backup would be incorrectly reported if the time was over 24 hours. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.0.567:

  • Incremental Consolidation improved memory usage
    Incremental consolidation now uses more efficient memory allocation routines.

Bug Fixes:

  • Microsoft Exchange Backup
    Exchange Backup was not stripping the Active Directory server common name identifier from the VSS path specifier. This has been resolved.
  • XML file name issue
    If an xml file name contained the text '-full', '-diff' or '-inc' then this could cause a scheduled task to run the wrong backup type. This has been resolved.
  • Browse image problem in PE 5.0 x64
    A driver signing problem prevented images and file and folder backups from being mounted and browsed in PE 5.0 x64. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes 6.0.545:

  • Problem extending an NTFS file system when restoring
    An NTFS file system could be corrupted by extending the partition size on restore.
    Please re-create your rescue media to apply this fix in Windows PE.

What's New 6.0.541:

  • Improved RDR and RDC efficiency
    Rapid Delta Restore and Clone functionality is now faster when performing 'Looking for changes'

Bug Fixes:

  • Microsoft Exchange Backup
    Exchange 2003 and 2007 with empty Storage Groups would cause the Exchange backup process to not work. This has been resolved.
  • Microsoft Exchange Backup
    An issue was found where Exchange backup would occasionally not track the databases selected for backup. This has been resolved.
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Restore Daylight Savings Time issue
    An issue was reported where restoration of mail items may not honor the Daylight Savings Time for restored items. This has been resolved.
  • File system issue after repeated Rapid Delta Restores
    Orphaned NTFS Master File Table records could cause an incomplete restore. This could happen when restoring forwards and then backwards in time on the same file system using RDR.
    Please re-create your rescue media to apply this fix in Windows PE.

  • Backup destination with > 4TB free space reporting issue
    Backup destinations with more than 4TB of free space were being misreported as 4TB in the backup log. This has been resolved.
  • Dynamic Disk Imaging Issue
    Imaging of Dynamic Disk Volumes would fail has not been assigned. This has been resolved.
  • DiskRestore Issues
    The embedded DiskRestore application in Macrium Reflect was not in line with the current Macrium Reflect theme. This has been resolved.

What's New 6.0.516:

  • Windows PE boot menu in trial
    30 day trial versions of Macrium Reflect can now add the Macrium Reflect recovery option to the Windows boot menu.
  • Windows PE and BitLocker Encrypted drives
    Windows PE can now unlock and image BitLocker Encrypted drives. Please see here for more information
  • Monthly scheduling now includes individual month selections
    The monthly scheduling in Templates and Backup plans now allows you to select months. Previously, you could select a day and this would apply to every month

Bug Fixes:

  • Differential Retention deletion error
    Differential retention by date could delete too many differential backups. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE trial could expire
    For trial users, the Windows PE rescue media could expire. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder backup details incorrect
    If the folder selection criteria was changed mid backup set then the Windows Explorer shell extension would show the selection criteria from the full backup. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes 6.0.499:

  • Application Windows hidden by auto resize of Splitter Window
    The 'drag' line between Windows in the main application tabs could cause the upper pane to be hidden. this has been resolved.
  • PowerShell integration check
    On systems without PowerShell installed Macrium Reflect now warns that the script cannot run.
  • 'Parameter Incorrect' error when creating scheduled tasks from a Template
    This has been resolved.
  • Date edit too long for some international settings
    The Scheduled Tasks date edit field was too short for certain languages. This caused the date to be unreadable. This has been resolved by using the numeric date.

Bug Fixes 6.0.482:

  • Upgrade from v5 rescue media issue
    After upgrading from Macrium Reflect v5 the rescue media Wizard would not prompt to upgrade to v6 rescue media. It was necessary to click the 'Rebuild' button. this has been resolved.
  • Windows PE prompt for XML file when cloning
    When cloning using the Windows PE rescue media, Reflect would incorrectly prompt to save an XML definition file. this has been resolved.
  • Technicians portable USB stick issue
    The Technicians portable version of Macrium Reflect would build a 'Trial' version of the rescue media. This has been resolved.
  • v5 upgrade of XML definition
    A v5 XML definition would incorrectly use the global v6 retention defaults if DSM was disabled in v5. This has been resolved.

Initial Release of Macrium Reflect v6.0:

To install this patch click the 'Download' button.