v6.3.1846 - 2017-09-29

* Changed * - Internal changes to support upgrade to Site Manager 7.1

v6.3.1844 - 2017-07-04

* Changed * - Update 'Disk Image Insight' widget description to be more accurate

* Fixed * - Fix a bug where an unauthorised computer can appear in the error state - Fix broken Knowledgebase links

v6.3.1833 - 2017-06-14

* Added * - Interface and wizard to upgrade to version 7 of CMC when released - Added facility to upgrade licenses to version 7 on both Macrium Agent Licenses and standalone Reflect licenses installed on agent computers - All trial licenses will automatically be upgraded to version 7 licences - Added 'Standalone Keys' view to 'Licenses' page, showing all computers with standalone licenses, whether they exempt the computer from consuming a MAL and an upgrade facility

* Changed * - Agents which repeatedly fail to patch to the latest release will be flagged as having an error in the computers view. To fix this, perform a manual full install or remote full install on the agent - Show additional information for Macrium Agent License keys such as support information and version - Tidy layout of 'Image Status' widget

* Fixed * - Starting a Run Now backup now updates the forecast immediately - Macrium Agent Licenses which become invalid can now be removed - Improve handling of unicode values in computer descriptions - Fix cancelled backups having a duration of 0 seconds in summary emails

v6.3.1791 - 2017-04-17

* Changed * - Improved backup performance in some cases

* Fixed * - Remote management integration fix - Log view will no longer display a loading spinner forever when there are no logs or computers - Scheduled backups can fail for systems with very large and complex disk configurations - Fixed repository loading forever in some cases - Fixed Environment Check tool to continue with checks if LLMNR broadcast IP check fails

v6.3.1787 - 2017-04-10

* Added * - Added settings for remote management integration - Added start date for schedule triggers

* Fixed * - Fixed bug where a month by day schedule trigger with multiple weekdays set would not show some days on the forecast - Fixed bug causing backup errors on some systems with multiple simultaneous user sessions - UI fixes for overlapping fields and button issues at some resolutions - Fixed bug where a failed update download would require a server restart to recover

v6.3.1773 - 2017-03-23

* Fixed * - Fixed edit definition dialog. Navigation buttons inaccessible - Fixed edit retention rules. Fields overlap each other in Firefox and Edge

v6.3.1769 - 2017-03-22

* Added * - Add Windows Event Log notifications - this can be configured in the Notifications section of the Settings view - Added 'Last Activity Time' column to the Computers view. This column is hidden by default

* Changed * - Updated definition view to show computers which are fully and partially backed up more clearly and improve performance - Improve performance of the computers view during heavy activity - Improve performance of all views which list computers - Improve performance when multiple simultaneous backups are being performed - During restore, check that the image file was created from the computer which is being restored

* Fixed * - Fixed rare issue where the dashboard would not come out of the 'initializing' state - Fix multiple tooltips being on screen at once in the forecast view - Fix update available pop-up message appearing while already downloading an update - Fix some rare network logon issues during backup - Fix scheduled backups not being updated when a computer is affected by licensing issues - Fix issue where attempting to update a repository with incorrect credentials would take that repository offline - Fix issue which caused the service to crash when stopped in service manager

v6.3.1757 - 2017-03-10

* Fixed * - Repositories showing 'Unknown Error' in some conditions - Improve Agent network handling

v6.3.1750 - 2017-03-03

* Added * - Automatic logout of the console after period of inactivity (configurable in security settings) - Additional logging for launching backup on remote agents

* Fixed * - Fixed issue where antivirus on a client could block backup and stall all scheduled backups - Fixed issue where sometimes the dashboard would not leave the 'initializing' state

v6.3.1738 - 2017-02-22

* Added * - Added drag and drop reorganisation of Dashboard widgets - Added detailed progress log button to progress widget and Computers page - Added additional information to the forecast to show which stage the backup is performing - Added additional information to the backup progress widget to show backup source and target - Added ability to set multiple agent passphrases simultaneously

* Changed * - Made notification of new Management Console versions more obvious - Repositories with incorrect credentials now enter an error state instead of repeatedly retrying the credentials - Schedules and Definitions in the 'Scheduled Backups' section of the Repository page are now links back to the appropriate page - Added key version to the Macrium Agent License table in the Licenses page - Limited the number of notifications in the Dashboard notifications widget to 100 for performance reasons

* Fixed * - Added scroll bars to verification view when a large number of files are verified - Fixed forecast display not updating when backups complete - Fixed a scheduled backup hanging if it is run when another scheduled backup to the same computer is already in progress - Fixed computers sometimes appearing as both 'Managed' and 'No Agent' - Spacing on disk and partition tables in the computers view is fixed - Fix issue with email not being sent in some circumstances - Fix Definition page not showing the correct definition as being selected in the left hand menu under some circumstances

v6.3.1713 - 2017-02-02

* Fixed * - Fixed issue where some log files were not limited in size - Fixed issue where fields under settings would only show the numeric parts of mixed alphanumeric content

v6.3.1708 - 2017-01-31

* Added * - Ability to rearrange dashboard panels using drag and drop. - Update agent preinstallation to have a user interface and provide diagnostics on network and communications.

* Changed * - Updated remote installation of Agent software to distinguish between offline computers and computers with firewalled WMI components. - Update startup sequence so that large numbers of agents are handled more efficiently. - Remote installation of Agent software is now limited to 10 simultaneous installs to reduce network and system load. If more than 10 installs are requested, excess installs will wait until an earlier one completes before starting. - Updated Amazon AWS Storage Gateway repositories to store local share information in the Storage Gateway, making re-adding AWS Storage Gateway repositories simpler. - Improved computer view to no longer close menus during high update activity. - Updated computer connection code to fall back to IP based message sending when communication cannot be established with an agent. - Improved handling of domains in Repository create/edit interface

* Fixed * - Upgrading an agent now correctly blocks scheduled backups for that agent and vice versa. - Fixed email summary showing SQL and Exchange Backups as 'Image' backups. - Fixes for validation on Settings page. - Layout fixes for Internet Explorer 11.

v6.3.1699 - 2017-01-16

* Changed * - General performance improvements.

* Fixed * - New widgets added to the Dashboard were not persisted in some cases.

v6.3.1694 - 2017-01-11

* Added * - New security option to configure agent passphrase usage to simplify setting up and maintaining a deployment-wide security policy. Existing installations will generate a new random passphrase which can be seen and modified in the security section of the Settings page.

* Fixed * - Intermittent connectivity issues - Corrected various UI text labels

v6.3.1680 - 2016-12-26

* Added * - Number of Computers linked to a Backup Definition is now featured prominently in the UI. - New Event Log events added for Email reports. - Failed log files are now attached to Email Summary reports. - Email Summary Reports can now show error messages.

* Changed * - Updated a 3rd-party UI library (Contains several fixes & improvements). - Assorted minor UI improvements.

* Fixed * - Invalid data entered during Restore wizard could prevent progress through the wizard. - Duplicate Email Summary reports being sent for some users.

v6.3.1669 - 2016-12-15



v6.3.1666 - 2016-12-12




v6.3.1630 - 2016-11-15


v6.3.1629 - 2016-11-14


Backup Queue improvements:

Summary Emails

Dashboard Widgets



v6.3.1596 - 2016-10-21

Initial public release of the Macrium Central Management Console (CMC)*

The Macrium CMC enables backup, restore and monitoring of multiple networked computers running Macrium Reflect using a Web browser user interface. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and IE 11.

A Macrium Agent service is installed on each remote computer which then communicates using Microsoft Message Queueing (MSMQ) to a single installed instance of the Macrium Server service. This service also exposes an http server service on a configurable port which enables web browser sessions to manage the Macrium Agent installed computers.

For more information on usage and functionality please see here: CMC Knowledgebase