Macrium Reflect 5.2.6345

Date 24 July 2013

What's new? 5.2.6345:

  • Images and backup files can now be mounted writable in Windows Explorer
    When mounting an image or file and folder backup in Windows Explorer, a new option 'Make Writable' will enable write access to the mounted file system. This enables files to be accessed without the need to first restore them if they are required to be writeable by opening application. For example, Microsoft Virtual Disk (.vhdx) files can now be access directly in a mounted image without the need to restore the file first.

    Please note that changes to the mounted file system are temporary and will be discarded when the image is unmounted.
Bug fixes:
  • ImgToVHD conversion of images containing dynamic volumes
    The operation to convert an imade file containing dynamic volumes is now prevented. Previously this would cause an invalid VHD file to be created.
  • Partition display layout incorrect
    If a disk contained a partition of 1MB or less then this cold cause the layout in the Reflect GUI to show unpredictable partition offsets. This has been resolved.
  • Notepad could fail to launch when editing VBScript source files
    When editing VBScript source files on Windows Server the default editor 'Notepad' could fail to launch. This has been resolved.
  • Directory search could cause Reflect to hang
    When typing in a network (UNC) path into any folder entry fields Reflect could become unresponsive. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.2.6314:

Bug fixes:
  • Windows Vista rescue media creation error
    Creating the Windows PE rescue media on Windows Vista could cause an error: 'The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect'. This has been resolved.
  • Clone drive letters
    Booting a cloned disk with the original still attached could cause the cloned system partition to be allocated a drive letter other than 'C'. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.2.6307:

  • Drive selection for Windows PE component files
    An option is now available to choose/move the drive that contains the Windows PE boot/rescue CD files. Take 'Other tasks' > 'Defaults' > 'Advanced' > 'Macrium Reflect PE Files' to access this functionality. Please note that this option is not available for Windows XP or Server 2003.
Bug fixes:
  • Explorer context menu issue
    Some customers have reported that the Macrium Reflect Explorer right click context menu could cause Explorer to crash. This was caused by a conflict with the NVidia Control Panel app context menu and has been resolved.
  • Technicians license portable edition issue
    The tech license edition version of Macrium reflect could fail to launch on x64 systems. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.2.6249:

  • Windows PE download optimization
    The total Windows PE download size is now reduced from several GB to a few hundred MB. Required files are now automatically obtained when downloading the Macrium Reflect installer or by accessing the Rescue Media Build Wizard.
  • Windows PE 4.0 available for XP, Vista and 7
    It's now possible to create Windows PE 4.0 (based on Windows 8) recovery media for all Windows Operating Systems. Windows PE 4.0 has more comrehensive hardware support than earlier versions of Windows PE.
  • Windows Explorer Shell Extensions
    Macrium Reflect now has better integration with Windows Explorer and provides more information about image and backup files. Please see here for more information
  • New uninstaller
    A new uninstaller provides additional options to remove all user settings and files.
  • Windows PE driver search path improvements
    When Windows PE starts all local drives are now scanned for missing drivers in folder '\drivers'. A new file '\drivers\searchpaths.txt' can be edited to add additional paths, such as network shares.
  • MBR/UEFI Multi boot rescue DVD
    Macrium Reflect now creates rescue DVD media that supports dual boot for both UEFI (GPT) and MBR on Windows 7/8/Server 2008/2012 systems. This makes the rescue media creation simpler and more comprehensive.
  • File and Folder maximum individual file size in the backup increased.
    File and Folder backup now supports backing up individual files up to 1.6TB in size. The previous limit was 400GB.
  • File and Folder backup memory usage and speed.
    File and Folder backups are now more memory efficient and faster for large backup sets.
Bug fixes:
  • Windows PE 4.0 USB 3.0 detection
    Fixed error with PE 4.0 incorrectly showing some USB 3.0 devices as unsupported
  • Linux rescue CD error
    The Linux rescue CD could restore more partitions than selected in the rescue wizard. This has been resolved.
  • VSS error when Windows installed on dynamic volumes
    If Windows is installed on a system using MS Dynamic Volumes then VSS could fail to snapshot the MSR and/or recovery partitions. This has been resolved.
  • Clone failure with 'Broken Pipe' error
    The disk clone operation could fail with a 'broken pipe' read error if a cloned partition extended beyond the disk boundary. This has been resolved.
  • Backup pause button crash
    A program error could occur if the 'Pause' button was pressed in the final stages of backup completion. This has been resolved.
  • Comment in Incremental/Differential
    If the backup comment text was modified in the xml then the change was not reflected in the next Incremental/Differential backup. This has been resolved.
  • Image restore issue with MS Office
    A disk image restore could cause a temporary repair install of MS Office when first run. This was caused by a VSS modification to a backup registry key used by Office. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5870:

  • Windows PE Recovery boot menu now available on 32 bit UEFI boot systems
    Reflect now supports Windows PE recovery boot menu on the latest 32 bit UEFI boot tablet PCs.
Bug fixes:
  • Cloning progress bar not updated
    During a 'forensic' clone operation the progress bar was not correctly updated. This has been resolved
  • Read error during clone
    Some systems could report a read eror during clone operations. This has been resolved

What's new? 5.1.5856:

  • Compatibility with Tablet PCs using 32 Bit UEFI boot
    Reflect now supports Windows PE restoring on 32 bit UEFI boot PCs such as the Lenovo Tablet 2 series.
  • Warning message in log for incomplete backup sets
    When creating an Incremental backup a warning message is now written to the log file if the backup set doesn't have all files in the backup target folder.
  • Spin up delay
    If the backup target folder cannot be located when running a backup then an automatic delay of 5 seconds is initiated before retrying to allow for disks spinning up from sleep.
Bug fixes:
  • UEFI CD boot problem
    If the 'Prompt for key press option..' was enabled when creating a UEFI booting CD then this could cause the CD not to be loaded when booting. This is a generic problem with UEFI booting media and the option is no-longer available in the rescue wizard.
  • Clone failure when expanding an XP partition
    A disk clone could fail to complete if an XP partition is resized larger. This has been resolved.
  • Failure email not sent
    If an incremental or differential backup failed with the message 'Failed to load image file' then failure emails may not be sent. This has been resolved
  • File and Folder backup mounting issue
    File and Folder backups could fail to mount in Windows Explorer if the backup file is located on a mapped network share. This has been resolved
  • Program error
    Reflect could raise a program error if a scheduled incremental backup references an xml file that has been delete or renamed. This has been resolved.
  • Alternative locations issue
    When using 'Alternative locations' for backup target rotations a Full backup may be created when a Differential or Incremental was expected. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5828:

  • Linux CD major update.
    Linux Rescue CD now includes additional support for USB 3.0, restoring to RAID volumes and is built using the latest Linux 3.7 kernel.
  • Windows Event log viewer
    A Windows Event log viewer has been added to Macrium Reflect. VSS and other events can be viewed directly to assist in backup failure troubleshooting. To launch the viewer:
    1. Right click on the Macrium Reflect log tree node and select 'View Windows Events'.
    2. Take the 'Other Tasks' > 'View Windows Events' menu option.

    Note: Windows Events are now also appended to the VSS log file.
Bug fixes:
  • Failed clone reported as success
    If a disk read error occurred during a clone process then the clone could report success and terminate. This has been resolved and the appropriate error is now shown.
  • Support tool hot key error
    Launching the Macrium support tool with 'Ctrl+Shift+S' is no longer a system wide hot key.
  • Scheduled task edit bug
    Changing a task from 'Every Day' to 'n Number of Days' could cause the task to not reflect the change. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE build error
    If Reflect was installed in a folder using characters outside the current code page then this could cause the Windows PE build to fail. This has been resolved.
  • VSS Error with some DELL systems
    Some DELL systems may assign the drive letter 'W' to the DELL system recovery partition. This could cause VSS snapshot VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE failures. This has been resolved.
  • Allow dots in XML def file names
    The dot character is now permitted in the xml file name.
  • Windows PE UEFI media ignoring the prompt for key press option
    The Windows PE rescue media for GPT/UEFI systems would always prompt for a key press on startup regardless of option selected when creating the media. This has been resolved.
  • Logical drive image problem.
    Incremental/Differential images of logical drives could create images of the wrong partition if another logical drive existed with exactly the same length in the same extended partition. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5732:

  • Improved restore and cloning speed
    Image restore and cloning functionality has been optimized to increase data throughput.
  • Configurable transfer rate unit of measure
    The transfer rate unit of measure is now configurable between bits and bytes per second. Take 'Other Tasks' > 'Edit Defaults' > 'Advanced' > 'Advanced Backup Options' to change
  • Installation by Order Reference
    It's now possible to enter your Order Reference and email address instead of license key when installing. If your order is for multiple licenses then the next available license key is installed. Prefix the order reference with 'ORD:' in the license key field.
Bug fixes:
  • Windows PE program error after restore completion
    Some customers experienced a program error after a successful restore in Windows PE. This did not affect the integrity of the restored file system. This has been resolved
  • VSS Error with some DELL systems
    Some DELL systems will always assign drive letters 'X' and 'Y' to the DELL system recovery partitions. This could cause VSS snapshot VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE failures. This has been resolved
  • Windows PE network support
    Network drivers that require files with a '.din' file extension could fail to load. This has been resolved
  • Duplicate Disk ID causing wrong disk selection.
    If two disks on the system have the same disk ID, with one off-line, then the wrong disk could be selected for restore. This has been resolved

What's new? 5.1.5603:

  • Support added in Windows PE for Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT)
    The auto-built Windows PE rescue environment now includes driver support for Intel SRT enabled PC's. If your PC hardware has this functionality available and installed then please re-build your Windows PE media to add the SRT drivers automatically.
  • Show drive letter for bootable USB Flash media
    The flash media creation option in the Windows PE media creation wizard now shows the assigned drive letter as well as the USB flash drive description.
  • Verification time is now included in the log total backup time
    Image and backup total time now includes the file verification time.
  • Increased the number of local drives scanned at start-up
    A total of up to 70 locally attached disks are now scanned at start-up.
  • Improved the compatibility check for Flash drives when creating rescue media.
    Reflect is now compatible with a wider range of flash drives for creating bootable rescue media.
  • Disk size calculation
    The size of the restore or clone target disk is now more accurately calculated. Previously the length of the disk may have been incorrect by a few sectors.
  • Partition alignment changes
    When dragging and dropping partitions during a restore or clone operation, the end alignment of the restored partition is now preserved regardless of the alignment correctness of the source partition. Previously the end position was recalculated, however, this led to some confusion.
Bug fixes:
  • Time remaining bug for FAT32 images
    Fixed progress bar time and transfer rate when backing up FAT32 partitions.
  • Crash when pausing during image verification
    A program error could occur if the backup dialog was 'Paused' during the verification process. This has been resolved.
  • Window 8 crash when mounting File and Folder backups over a network
    Windows 8 and Server 2012 could crash when mounting a File and Folder backup or FAT32 image if the image file was located on a network share. This has been resolved.
  • Boot menu error for Windows XP/Server 2003
    The error "Unable to create temporary store" could be generated when adding the boot menu to XP and Server 2003 systems. If you have seen this issue then please rebuild your rescue media after updating.
  • Email defaults not saved.
    The default Email SMTP server user name and/or password could fail to be saved to the system registry. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE load error
    Windows PE crash on start-up if too many drivers were included in the 'Drivers' folder. This has been resolved.
  • Disk cloning 'Verify file system'
    Disk cloning would ignore the 'Verify file system' option in the Advanced clone properties. This has been resolved.
  • Defaults password error
    Bug fixed in the defaults dialog that prevented the pages being changed if the scheduled user password wasn't set.
  • Crash when loading unmounted BitLocker encrypted partitions
    A start-up crash could occur if an unmounted BitLocker encrypted disk was attached. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5529:

  • Backup 'Pause' button
    A new 'Pause' button has been added to the backup dialog. This will suspend the backup and all disk activity.
  • Verify single file
    The 'Verify' option in Macrium Reflect now has a check box to verify only the incremental or differential image selected. This increases the verification speed if the previous files in the backup set have already been verified.
  • Improved Incremental and Differential image logic
    The logic for determining which file system clusters to include for Incremental and differential images has been optimized.
Bug fixes:
  • Boot menu driver loading
    On some systems the boot menu could fail to load drivers for Windows PE. If this has been a problem then step through the rescue media wizard to the final page and press 'Cancel'. This should resolve the problem

Bug fixes: 5.1.5498:

  • Error when removing Macrium boot menu on GPT systems
    Some customers experienced an error when removing the Macrium boot menu on Windows 8 GPT systems. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5496:

  • Windows 8 - Full integration of Windows PE 4.0
    Macrium Reflect now integrates with the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows PE 4.0 rescue environment creation.
    For more information on this, please see here: Win 8 ADK
Bug fixes:
  • UEFI flash rescue media formatting problem
    UEFI USB boot could fail if the USB flash device was not formatted FAT32. The media is now always formatted using FAT32 if UEFI boot is selected.
  • Program error when loading the drivers page in the rescue media wizard
    For some customers, Reflect could crash when displaying the 'Rescue Media Drivers' page. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5444:

  • Improved 'Fix Windows Boot Problems' functionality in Windows PE
    Now supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 multi boot. All configurations, including Windows installation on logical drives and system drive letters other than 'C'
Bug fixes:
  • Program crash when imaging Windows partitions on EFI systems
    Some EFI system configurations caused a program crash when imaging 'All Windows' partitions. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.1.5439:

  • Add Recovery Boot Menu Problem
    The 'Pre-Built WIM' boot menu option could fail to be created. This has been resolved.
  • UEFI 'Backup Windows' option
    The 'Backup' > 'Backup Windows' menu option could exclude the automatic selection of the EFI system partition on UEFI booting systems. This has been resolved.
  • GPT restore/cloning
    A program crash could occur if the target disk was encrypted prior to the restore/clone operation. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5396:

  • Release notes menu option
    Release notes menu option now added to the 'Help' menu for free edition users.
  • Additional Install Option
    The full installer now has a separate option to install the Windows PE boot menu. Only applies to keys purchased with full Windows PE support (prior to Nov 2012).
  • Update for UEFI systems
    Fix Boot Problems now handles multiple EFI partitions on multiple disks. You can now choose which disk to boot from and update the EFI Boot Configuration Data (BCD).
  • Improved GPT disk and partition GUID handling
    For GPT full disk clones and restores. Now uses the same Disk GUID as source and maintains the same Partition GUID where possible.
  • CD/DVD Engine Logging
    New troubleshooting option in the application defaults to log CD/DVD engine activities.
Bug fixes:
  • 'Fix boot problems' error for EFI/GPT systems
    Update to resolve problem rebuilding the BCD when no drive 'C' can be found in Windows PE.
  • 'Fix boot problems' error for Windows 8 systems
    Update to correctly identify Windows 8 partitions.
  • Crash when loading disks
    If a Linux EXT2/3/4 file system has a volume label of 16 characters then this could cause a program error. This has been resolved.
  • XP boot menu problem
    When uninstalling Reflect the boot menu could remain in Windows XP. This has been resolved.
  • BitLocker encrypted drives crash
    Some customers have experienced a program error when loading BitLocker encrypted disks. This has been resolved.
  • Crash when checking for updates
    The software could crash if the update checker received an invalid response from the update server. This has been resolved.
  • Crash when cloning
    A program error could occur when cloning a GPT disk to non-GPT disk and non-standard data is found in track 0. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.5313:

  • Add Recovery Boot Menu Problem
    The boot menu option could display "Unable to find a PE Environment". This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.1.5299:

  • GPT support added to the Free and Standard Editions
    v5.1 of Macrium Reflect adds GPT disk support to the Free and Standard Editions. These editions now support the growing number of new systems that use the latest disk technology.
  • Update for Windows 8/Server 2012
    Windows 8/Server 2012 Storage Pools can now be imaged and restored using the Reflect GUI.
  • New Rescue Wizard functionality for WAIK
    The download, installation and preparation of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) has now been integrated into the rescue media wizard.
  • Improved memory usage when imaging
    The RAM usage during incremental and differential images and backups has been improved.
  • Linux rescue CD update
    Minor improvements and bug fixes. Please create a fresh rescue CD if you are using the Linux CD to restore images

Bug fixes:
  • Synology 212J Backup Issue
    Some customers have reported backup failures when creating file and folder backups of files on Synology 212J NAS devices. This has been resolved.
  • Incorrect drive letter shown in the imaging logs for some dynamic volumes

    The imaging log could show an incorrect drive letters for dynamic volumes. This does not affect the integrity of the image. This has been resolved.
  • Error message when attempting to mount a file and folder backup > 2TB
    File and folder backups with a virtual file system size > 2TB cannot be mounted in Windows Explorer and must be restored using the restore option in Reflect. A new error message prevents mounting the backup.

Bug fixes:5.0.5167:

  • ReDeploy Issues
    Some customers have experienced problems using Macrium ReDeploy. This has been resolved.
    If this issue has affected you then please create fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating.
  • Free Edition Registry Changes
    Some customers have experienced problems when saving settings in the Free Edition. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.5154:

  • Release notes menu option
    A new menu option has been added to view the release notes. Take the 'Help' > 'Release notes' menu option.

Bug fixes:
  • Log file purge
    The automatic log file purge option could leave some files behind. This has been resolved.

  • File and folder log
    File and folder filter options could be displayed incorrectly in the log. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.5089:

  • Technicians portable appplication mode
    Portable USB version of Macrium Reflect for technicians license customers. Please see the following Blog post for more information,

  • Destination Backup File Names
    Added support for forcing destination file name when matching image sets.

  • Mounted Backup File Icons
    Macrium Reflect now uses different icons for Image and File & Folder mounted backups, making it easier to distiniguish between the two.

Bug fixes:
  • Delete File Dialog
    The Delete File Dialog would double the content of the file list each time the dialog was made visible. This has been resolved.

  • Dynamic Volumes On GPT
    A rare case existed where Dynamic Volumes, exceeding 6TB, on GPT initialised disks were not being shown in the Backup View. This has been resolved.

  • Network Locations
    When entering network share destinations in the 'Alternative locations' dialog it wasn't possible to proceed if the share was not currently available. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4995:

  • Windows PE Rescue media wizard - Driver injection
    Added support for additional USB3.0 hardware

    IMPORTANT: Please create fresh Windows PE rescue media if you have issues with USB3 hardware
Bug fixes:
  • Backup To Mount Points
    When backing up to a mount point, the maximum image file size was being incorrectly determined. This has been resolved.

  • File & Folder Restore
    In rare scenarios when restoring large files over 4GB from a File & Folder backup, some files in the backup would not be selected for restore. This has been resolved.

  • Incorrect Imaging Error Message
    When including a volume for imaging which does not have a drive letter and the image target is a mount point on that volume an incorrect error message was being generated. This has been resolved.

  • Edit Scheduled Batch Job
    When editing a scheduled batch job in Macrium Reflect, the backup type parameter was being superfluously appended to the command line. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.4908:

  • Restore and Clone geometry issue
    For some customers a restore or clone could result in a corrupt Master Boot Record. This has been resolved.

    IMPORTANT: Please create fresh Windows PE rescue media

What's new? 5.0.4870:

  • Windows PE Rescue media wizard - Driver injection
    Improved USB3.0 driver compatibility. Macrium Reflect now supports the latest USB 3.0 hardware
  • ReDeploy
    Improved performance with some target hardware configurations
Bug fixes:
  • MBR disk restore/clone to large disks > 2TB
    Reflect could crash when restoring an MBR disk (not GPT) if the target disk is > 2TB. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.4694:

  • Addtional Windows Event log messages
    Server Edition only: A failure message was not posted to the Windows Event log for some causes of image failure. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE CD/DVD boot error
    The Windows PE rescue CD/DVD could fail to boot on some systems. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4620:

  • PrimoBurner update
    Macrium Reflect now uses CD/DVD burning engine PrimoBurner 3.6. This has support for a greater range of hardware and resolves the rare issue of occasional hangs seen with the previous version.
Bug fixes:
  • Scheduled task display error
    Incremental and Differential backup jobs could incorrectly be shown as Full in the 'Scheduled Backups' tab. This has been resolved.
  • WAIK Time-zone
    Creation of WAIK based rescue media may not take the time-zone into account and image files could appear with the wrong time. This has been resolved.
  • Uninstall Shell Registry Extensions
    When uninstalling, approved shell extensions would be removed. This has been resolved.
    Note: This fix applies to the removal of full installs of this version and later.
  • Installation Issue
    The Macrium Reflect installer would encounter issues on machines with no network adaptors. This has been resolved.
  • Linux Rescue CD Volume Names
    Linux Rescue CD could show the same volume label for all volumes. This has been resolved.
  • Menu Consistency
    Some menu items have been re-ordered for consistentency.
  • WinPE WAIK Taskbar
    The Taskbar under WAIK WinPE rescue media could occasionally not be visible. This has been resolved.
  • ReDeploy Active Service
    Macrium ReDeploy was not catering for some vendor active service settings. This has been resolved.
  • VSS Debug Logging
    Enhanced VSS debug logging was not present even if selected in the Advanced Properties. This has been resolved.
  • File & Folder Search Cancel
    Cancelling or stopping a File & Folder Search for restore could cause Reflect to hang in certain circumstances. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue Media Creation
    The creation of rescue media was not catering for edge cases of linking USB root hubs to USB3 host controllers. This has been resolved.
  • PE Explorer
    PE Explorer, location toolbar lost on escape keypress in location editbox. This has been resolved
  • Restore UI
    Image and backup files could remain in the list of files even if the folder was removed from the search list. This has been resolved
  • Rescue media Wizard
    The horizontal scrollbar was missing from the Rescue Wizard drivers page device list. This has been resolved

What's new? 5.0.4522:

  • File & Folder Log clipboard copy
    Users can now copy a CSV list of files either backed up or restored in the Macrium Reflect log view.
  • Log Image File Sizes
    Backup file sizes are now included in the backup logs.
  • Backup Drive Selection
    The drives/partitions selected in the main application window are now remembered between runs of Macrium Reflect.
Bug fixes:
  • Startup Issue
    Macrium Reflect could hang at startup if the file system contained an NTFS MFT record with a attribute list > 64K in size. This has been resolved.
  • File & Folder Search
    When cancelling a File and Folder search operation for restore, Macrium Reflect could generate a dump report. This has been resolved.
  • Licensing
    When contacting the license server, Macrium Reflect could crash on button clicks. This has been resolved.
  • Email Attachment Images
    Success/fail graphics were omitted from email log attachments. This has been resolved.
  • Toolbar/Status bar State
    The state of the toolbars and status bar were not being saved between runs of Macrium Reflect. This has been resolved.
  • Installer issue
    In rare cases, during an upgrade from existing v4 install, the Image Mounting service would prevent the install from completing. This has been resolved.
  • Fix Boot Problems Issue
    An edge case where the Fix Boot Problems option under WinPE could reboot the machine when manually specifying an operating system path. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4432:

  • This is a bug fix release
Bug fixes:
  • Installer
    When updating Reflect, if the installer is used instead of the normal patch procedure, email settings will be lost. This has been resolved.
  • Email attachments
    Byte order marker being rendered in emailed log attachments in some email clients. This has been resolved.
  • Image to DVD
    In some Vista/Win7 installs, imaging to DVD could cause an 'Invalid (not writeable)' error. This has been resolved.
  • VSS
    VSS snapshot creation could fail if a VSS writer component is configured to use a volume that no-longer exists on the system. This has been resolved.
  • Unattended System restore
    Restore with auto reboot into the rescue environment could fail if the local drives were re-sequenced by Windows PE. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue environment
    Hitting escape after clicking the taskbar may result in it being hidden. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue environment
    The list of existing images was not always populated when booted into WinPE recovery. This has been resolved.
  • File and folder backup incremental and differential speed isssue
    An issue where the NTFS permissions setting in full backups was not being honoured in incremental backups. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4368:

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview
    Macrium Reflect is now fully compatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Bug fixes:
  • IMPORTANT: ReDeploy Device Database Improvements
    Users of the Pro and Server Editions of software who make use of ReDeploy are advised to create new rescue media
    This is due to enhancements and additions to the ReDeploy device database
  • Splash Screen
    The Splash screen was momentarily shown during scheduled task startup. This has been resolved.
  • ReDeploy and RAID Systems
    A ReDeploy issue was reported where certain RAID Controllers would not be correctly catered for. This has been resolved.
  • Delete XML Definition Files
    If the XML View tab was selected and an XML file was deleted from the list then a 'Page cannot be found' error was displayed. This has been resolved
  • Email Logs
    When emailing logs using the right click menu option on the Logs tab, users were unable to enter paragraphs into the email body text. This has been resolved

What's new? 5.0.4351:

  • Scheduled Task Postpone
    Scheduled backup tasks now present a postpone option if the backup notification delay has been set in the Defaults
Bug fixes:
  • Definition Filename Issue
    An issue where customers who used the terms -full, -inc or -diff in the definition filenames found that scheduled tasks would not run. This has been resolved.
  • Free Edition Fix Boot Problems
    The Fix Boot Problems option would not work on 32 bit based rescue systems, this only affected Free Edition customers only. This has been resolved.
  • UEFI Rescue Media Creation
    The creation of rescue media on UEFI systems would, on some motherboards, fail to create valid media. This has been resolved.
  • Network Logon Defaults
    An issue where a configured network logon default would not match correctly with an XML definition was raised. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue Media Drivers
    An issue where certain Perc RAID controllers were not being correctly handled for Server 2003 and SBS 2003 was raised. This has been resolved.
  • DVD Backup Verify
    An issue where setting backup verification and using DVD media as the target would cause the optical drive tray to be ejected prior to the verify causing the verify to fail. This has been resolved.
  • UEFI Recovery Boot Menu Option
    An issue where the recovery boot menu option failed to be set for some UEFI systems on install. This has been resolved.
  • Recovery Boot Menu
    Pressing the 'OK' button twice when adding the Windows PE boot menu option could cause multiple boot menu entries. This has been resolved.
  • Email Defaults User Interface
    User interface issue where the email server settings were not specific in prompting for SMTP server details. This has been resolved.
  • Browse For Folders
    If Windows Explorer was set to hide system and hidden files then system and hidden files were also excluded from the browse dialogs in Macrium Reflect. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue Media USB3 Root Hub Detection
    Some USB3 root hubs were not being correctly matched during the rescue media creation process. This has been resolved.
  • WinPE Boot Process
    During the WinPE boot process some USB devices would not be detected or have drivers loaded due to being uninitialized. This has been resolved.
  • Fix Boot Problems
    Running Fix Boot Problems would render the bootmgr file to become visible and thereby accessible to standard user accounts. This has been resolved.
  • Image File Password
    A rare issue where an image file password was being stored in the clear was reported. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes:5.0.4286:

  • Rescue Wizard Driver Copy
    A rare case where a security catalog was not being copied for a driver in the rescue media. This has been resolved.
  • Custom File names
    When using custom files names, the file name could have a '1' unnecessarily appended to the end to ensure uniqueness. This was caused by DSM purge and file name generation sequence. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue CD WAIK Files
    Issue when creating the standard WinPE rescue CD. Was copying the WAIKFiles folder if present. This has been resolved.
  • Dynamic Disk Restores
    The restore process was updating the BCD if the target disk was dynamic. This has been resolved.
  • TextEdit in WinPE
    TextEdit in WinPE was not correctly handling UTF8 and UTF16 based text files. This has been resolved.
  • PEExplorer in WinPE
    The 'Del' key in the directory path edit control of Windows PE Explorer would not delete characters in the directory path. This has been resolved.
  • x64 WAIK Rescue Media Creation
    The driver copy function for the 64 bit WAIK based Windows PE rescue CD could fail if the standard Windows PE component was installed. This has been resolved.
  • Dynamic Disks Fix Boot Problems
    The Windows PE function "Fix Boot Problems" may fail to work for system that boot into a dynamic disk. This has been resolved.
  • WinPE Dynamic Disk/Volume Imaging
    If a dynamic disk/volume was imaged while running Windows PE the image may fail with error 'Access Denied'. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes:5.0.4258:

  • ReDeploy 64 bit issue
    A very infrequent issue where ReDeploy was not setting the correct drivers on 64 bit platforms with certain chipsets. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4253:

  • Windows Home Server
    Macrium Reflect Standard and Professional Editions now fully support Windows Home Server platform
  • File And Folder Backup - folder filter mask specification improvements
    The file and folder filter has been improved to include the full path when matching. The previous filter methods are still valid.
  • Free installer registration details
    The Macrium Reflect Free Edition installer now allows for the modification of existing registration details.
  • Improved USB3 device detection
    Macrium Reflect has been extended to take advantage of more USB3 controllers and hubs
Bug fixes:
  • Alternate Locations hint text
    After adding a folder as an alternate backup location, clicking into the folder edit box caused the hint text to not be selected. This has been resolved.
  • Time remaining countdown
    An infrequent issue was raised where the time remaining at the end of a backup was being misreported as 1 second. This has been resolved.
  • Autocomplete edit box visible during backup
    Pressing any key during a backup process would result, incorrectly, in the locations autocomplete edit box to become visible. This has been resolved.
  • Installer Return button
    The button on the 'License Already Installed' error dialog was Cancel and should have been OK and Cancel. This has been resolved.
  • Interactive backup auto shutdown
    Automatic shutdown of interactive backups would not initiate as Macrium Reflect was still running. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue media USB device selection
    When creating a rescue environment to USB pen drive media, it was possible to select a blank USB device from the list. This has been resolved.
  • Scheduled task deletion confirmation
    Macrium Reflect was not prompting the user for confirmation of scheduled task deletion. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue media device detection
    When creating the rescue environment, Macrium Reflect could include devices that were not relavant to the WinPE environment. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue media update driver
    Macrium Reflect would allow the user to specify (or search) the Windows\Inf folder for drivers, which can lead to incorrect or unsupported drivers being included in the rescue media. This has been resolved.
  • WinPE Unsupported Devices dialog
    The Unsupported Devices dialog in WinPE was displaying devices which were unrelated to the process of backup/restore. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes:5.0.4196:

  • Windows PE network config issue
    The network configuration dialog in Windows PE could fail to set the second and subsequent Network Interface Cards. This has been resolved. If this issue affects you then please build fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating
  • Crash during cloning operation
    A crash could occur at the end of a cloning operation if the source file system had errors in the NTFS $bitmap file. This has ben resolved.
  • Free Edition Windows PE startup error
    For a few customers, the Windows PE rescue media could abort at startup. This has been resolved. If this issue affects you then please build fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating
  • Free Edition startup issue
    A few customers have reported a program crash at startup. This has been resolved.
  • Error reporting dialog improvement
    In the event of a program error, the error reporting message box would sit and wait for a response. This is now an auto canceling dialog if Macrium Reflect is running as a scheduled task.
  • Free Edition installer registration details
    When re-installing the Free Edition of Macrium Reflect existing registration details were not remembered. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes:5.0.4175:

  • Error in destination path when editing an existing backup defintion
    When editing an existing backup definition an incorrect path could be populated in the destination field. This has been resolved.
  • A local disk may not be detected
    Some customers have experienced a problem with disks missing from the Reflect backup tab. This was caused by an out of sync registry entry and has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4168:

  • Linux rescue CD update.
    Improved Linux CD restore performance and compatibility
  • Automatic conversion from MBR to GPT.
    Pro and Server editions. If an MBR partition is restored to an empty disk and expanded to > 2TB in size then the target disk is now automatically converted to GPT to accommodate the new partition size.
Bug fixes:

  • Installer update issue.
    When upgrading using the Macrium Reflect installer, if the current installation was not on drive 'C' then the upgrade would not install to the same path as the existing installation. This has been resolved.
  • Restore defaults.
    The global default setting 'Restore MBR' was not honoured when restoring a disk image. This has been resolved.
  • Image file deletion error.
    If an image file that was split (e.g, into 4GB chunks due to FAT32) and was deleted using the Reflect GUI, this could cause a program crash. This has been resolved.
  • XML validation error.
    Disks numbered > 9 could cause an XML validation error. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE (WAIK) download retry.
    If the WAIK download timed out then subsequent retries could time-out at the same point during the retry. This has been resolved.
  • Linux rescue CD disk matching
    When restoring with the Linux rescue CD the incorrect disk could be defaulted for the restore process. This occurred for a a very specific sequence of disks and disk signatures and has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.4118:

  • Network authentication
    Improved network authentication reliability in application defaults
  • INF file parser improvements
    Improved INF file parser to support QLogic fibre channel controllers
Bug fixes:
  • IMPORTANT: v5 Free Edition WinPE WAIK bug
    Some users of the free edition WAIK rescue CD found that booting resulted in Macrium Reflect not being loaded correctly. This issue has now been resolved.
    If this issue has affected you, please update Macrium Reflect and create a fresh WAIK resue CD.

Bug fixes: 5.0.4094

  • Daylight Saving Time (DST) issue with incremental and differential file and folder backups
    A bug in the Windows _get_daylight() function could cause Reflect not to recognize that DST had changed. This caused files to be incorrectly flaged as modified when the last modified time was updated by Windows for DST. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.4076

  • Error saving XML file to a path with non ANSI characters
    The XML file save would fail if the destination path contained non ANSI characters. This could cause a problem where accented or non western characters were used. This has been resolved.
    Please burn a fresh rescue CD if this affects your saved files.
  • Backup notifications and logs for XML validation errors
    If a backup definition (XML) file failed validation then no email or error log was produced. This has been resolved.
  • Screen power management disabled during backup
    Macrium Reflect will now honour screen power management settings during a backup.
  • Netbook screen size issue.
    The 'Image all local disks' dialog vertical height was too large for some netbook PCs. This has been resolved.
  • Alternative backup locations error
    When multiple backup locations were used, the Disk Space Management purge logic was not executed and only full images and backups would be created. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.3940:

  • New shutdown/suspend options.
    The backup dialog now includes the option to shutdown/suspend Windows. This can be enabled/disabled as the backup is running.
  • New support submission function.
    Log files and other information can now be submitted directly to Macrium support from within Reflect.
  • Rescue media drivers page enhancements.
    New add drivers wizard and enhanced functionality.
  • USB rescue media enhancements.
    Auto detection of inserted USB flash drives and improved error handling.
  • Default WinPE boot menu time-out.
    The previous default value of 30 seconds has been changed to 10 seconds.
Bug fixes:

  • Windows PE resolution incompatible with some Netbook PCs.
    Windows PE now detects for supported resolutions and adjusts according to availability.
  • Linux logical partition problem.
    Some Linux installations, notably Ubuntu, could create extended partitions incompatible with Windows. This could cause restoration partition alignment issues. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed crash in File and Filder backup search.
    If no .mrbak files were selected for search the a crash could occur if the search button was clicked. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.3887:

  • Dynamic Volume Disk Size Error
    Dynamic disks may report the incorrect size in the Reflect main window. This has been resolved.

  • PC entering sleep mode during backup
    Windows could enter sleep mode during a backup or image. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.3853:

  • Windows PE - Synchronization fix
    Professional Editions of Macrium Reflect may have failed to update the Windows PE component files when patched previously. This has been resolved.

    Note: If Windows PE is out of date then two patches may be required to resolve this issue. Please run the update check directly after this update to download a full Windows PE patch

  • VBScript scheduling problem with Windows XP
    The Windows XP task scheduler service failed to pass '-full', '-inc' or '-diff' parameters to scheduled VBScript files. This caused the schduled tasks to always run a full backup or image. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.3843:

  • Windows PE - Dual boot restore issue
    If a multi boot system was restored and the restored system partitions were swapped then this could cause a boot failure. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE - Multiple error messages when scanning for drivers
    When selecting the option to scan for drivers at Windows PE startup multiple error dialogs could be shown preventing the main application from loading until all were cleared. This has been resolved.
  • Window position bug
    On some systems, if Reflect was closed when minimized the application could not be seen after restarting. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.3824:

  • Create rescue media driver scanning
    The process of scanning for drivers to match devices will now include those previously matches.

    If you backup Files and Folders in WinPE then please recreate a new rescue CD/USB
Bug fixes:

  • Power saving options issue
    Power saving options were not being correctly observed when running incrementals or differentials. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue media creation on USB pen drive
    USB pen drives containing an active partition of less than 300MB were being refused by the rescue media creation process. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder backup add folder issue
    When adding a folder for a file and folder backup under WinPE, the browse dialog was blank and the user could not select a folder. This has been resolved.
  • File and folder backup 'Failed to open file' message
    An intermittent issue where File and Folder backups, which had been password protected, could not be opened. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.3818:

  • VBScript incremental and differential run options
    Added VBScript file right click menu options for 'Incremental' and 'Differential'.
  • Improved USB 3.0 host controller support
    Improved Windows PE driver file loading for USB 3.0 host controllers and hubs.

    If you are experiencing USB 3.0 problems then please burn a fresh Windows PE rescue CD after applying this update.
Bug fixes:

  • Problem when restoring an image when there are more than 10 attached local disks
    Restore could fail to start if the destination drive number was greater than 10. This has been resolved
  • Registration failure when using proxy server to access the Internet
    Support has been added for proxy servers in the installer registration dialog
  • Fixed Windows PE (WAIK) Rescue CD driver loading at startup.
    When booting with the WAIK Custom Windows PE rescue CD, drivers for unsupported devices may not load. This has been resolved.

    If you are experiencing problems with rescue CD device detection then please burn a fresh Windows PE (WAIK) rescue CD after applying this update.
  • File and Folder backup 'folder exclusion mask' not saved
    File and Folder backup folder exclusions were not being saved to the backup XML file. This has been resolved.
  • Program crash during driver scan
    Fixed crash if the driver scan dialog was closed during a scan.

What's new? 5.0.3786:

  • Windows PE rescue media USB3 support
    Added feature to identify additional USB3 devices.
Bug fixes:

  • Create WinPE rescue media
    Badly formed driver INF files could cause a problem when generating the Windows PE rescue CD. This has been resolved.
  • Email
    emails may fail to be sent for non authenticated SMTP servers. This has been resolved.
  • Windows XP add/remove boot menu
    This option could fail to work in Windows XP. This has been resolved.

To install this patch click the 'Download' button.