Macrium Reflect 5.0.4033 Update - Includes Windows PE updates

Date 30 September 2011

What's new? 5.0.4033:

  • Added unattended restore for the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK).
    Customers using the MS WAIK to create a Windows PE rescue CD can now initiate an unattended restore.
  • New option to remove user files on uninstall.
    The uninstaller now gives the option to remove all user files, not including images or backup files, during application removal. In the Control Panel take the 'Modify' then 'Remove' for this option.
  • Increased the total number of supported attached local disks to 40.
    Macrium Reflect now supports up to 40 attached local disks for image and restore.
  • Improved drive letter allocation logic when restoring.
    If drag and drop is used for restoring to a different partition, the drive letter of the partition being replaced is used for the newly restored partition by default.
  • Additional logging for driver injection.
    A file is now created 'media_drivers.log' in the Macrium Program data folder that logs the auto driver injection process for Windows PE.
  • USB rescue media enhancements.
    Support for a wider range of USB flash media types.
Bug fixes:

  • 'Disable VSS Writers' option not available.
    This option in the default properties was greyed out for Server 2003. This has now been enabled.
  • Error in test email message box text.
    Reported as being sent to the 'sender' not the 'recipient'. This has been resolved .
  • Server SBS 2011 Widows Event log issues.
    The channel used to report Macrium Reflect event logs has been renamed to avoid a conflict with MS Exchange.
  • Error in image path name during restore.
    If the path to an image file had multiple consecutive spaces this could cause the restore process to be unable to locate the image file. This has been resolved.
  • Linux Rescue CD image date error.
    Encrypted image files would show a backup date of 1/1/70. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.3940:

  • New shutdown/suspend options.
    The backup dialog now includes the option to shutdown/suspend Windows. This can be enabled/disabled as the backup is running.
  • New support submission function.
    Log files and other information can now be submitted directly to Macrium support from within Reflect.
  • Rescue media drivers page enhancements.
    New add drivers wizard and enhanced functionality.
  • USB rescue media enhancements.
    Auto detection of inserted USB flash drives and improved error handling.
  • Default WinPE boot menu time-out.
    The previous default value of 30 seconds has been changed to 10 seconds.
Bug fixes:

  • Windows PE resolution incompatible with some Netbook PCs.
    Windows PE now detects for supported resolutions and adjusts according to availability.
  • Linux logical partition problem.
    Some Linux installations, notably Ubuntu, could create extended partitions incompatible with Windows. This could cause restoration partition alignment issues. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed crash in File and Filder backup search.
    If no .mrbak files were selected for search the a crash could occur if the search button was clicked. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.3887:

  • Dynamic Volume Disk Size Error
    Dynamic disks may report the incorrect size in the Reflect main window. This has been resolved.

  • PC entering sleep mode during backup
    Windows could enter sleep mode during a backup or image. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.3853:

  • Windows PE - Synchronization fix
    Professional Editions of Macrium Reflect may have failed to update the Windows PE component files when patched previously. This has been resolved.

    Note: If Windows PE is out of date then two patches may be required to resolve this issue. Please run the update check directly after this update to download a full Windows PE patch

  • VBScript scheduling problem with Windows XP
    The Windows XP task scheduler service failed to pass '-full', '-inc' or '-diff' parameters to scheduled VBScript files. This caused the schduled tasks to always run a full backup or image. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes: 5.0.3843:

  • Windows PE - Dual boot restore issue
    If a multi boot system was restored and the restored system partitions were swapped then this could cause a boot failure. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE - Multiple error messages when scanning for drivers
    When selecting the option to scan for drivers at Windows PE startup multiple error dialogs could be shown preventing the main application from loading until all were cleared. This has been resolved.
  • Window position bug
    On some systems, if Reflect was closed when minimized the application could not be seen after restarting. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.3824:

  • Create rescue media driver scanning
    The process of scanning for drivers to match devices will now include those previously matches.

    If you backup Files and Folders in WinPE then please recreate a new rescue CD/USB
Bug fixes:

  • Power saving options issue
    Power saving options were not being correctly observed when running incrementals or differentials. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue media creation on USB pen drive
    USB pen drives containing an active partition of less than 300MB were being refused by the rescue media creation process. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder backup add folder issue
    When adding a folder for a file and folder backup under WinPE, the browse dialog was blank and the user could not select a folder. This has been resolved.
  • File and folder backup 'Failed to open file' message
    An intermittent issue where File and Folder backups, which had been password protected, could not be opened. This has been resolved.

What's new? 5.0.3818:

  • VBScript incremental and differential run options
    Added VBScript file right click menu options for 'Incremental' and 'Differential'.
  • Improved USB 3.0 host controller support
    Improved Windows PE driver file loading for USB 3.0 host controllers and hubs.

    If you are experiencing USB 3.0 problems then please burn a fresh Windows PE rescue CD after applying this update.
Bug fixes:

  • Problem when restoring an image when there are more than 10 attached local disks
    Restore could fail to start if the destination drive number was greater than 10. This has been resolved
  • Registration failure when using proxy server to access the Internet
    Support has been added for proxy servers in the installer registration dialog
  • Fixed Windows PE (WAIK) Rescue CD driver loading at startup.
    When booting with the WAIK Custom Windows PE rescue CD, drivers for unsupported devices may not load. This has been resolved.

    If you are experiencing problems with rescue CD device detection then please burn a fresh Windows PE (WAIK) rescue CD after applying this update.
  • File and Folder backup 'folder exclusion mask' not saved
    File and Folder backup folder exclusions were not being saved to the backup XML file. This has been resolved.
  • Program crash during driver scan
    Fixed crash if the driver scan dialog was closed during a scan.

What's new? 5.0.3786:

  • Windows PE rescue media USB3 support
    Added feature to identify additional USB3 devices.
Bug fixes:

  • Create WinPE rescue media
    Badly formed driver INF files could cause a problem when generating the Windows PE rescue CD. This has been resolved.
  • Email
    emails may fail to be sent for non authenticated SMTP servers. This has been resolved.
  • Windows XP add/remove boot menu
    This option could fail to work in Windows XP. This has been resolved.

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