Macrium Reflect v4.2.2866 Update
Date 30th July 2010

What's new? v4.2.2866:

  • New Command line image mounting options.
    You can now mount and unmount image and backup files from the command line. Please type 'reflect.exe -h' from a command line for more information on this functionality.
  • Unrestricted mounted image browsing
    Previously, if an image that was created on a different PC was browsed then 'private' folders couldn't be accessed. This is because NTFS security prevents, even Administrators, from accessing these folders and files. The 'Browse Image' dialog now allows this by enabling the new option 'Enable access to restricted folders' .
  • Windows PE rescue CD update is available.
    Please click the 'Updates' button in the Rescue CD burn wizard for more information.

Bug fixes:

  • Apple Mac hybrid disks
    Macrium Reflect now correctly identifies and allows imaging of Apple Mac 'hybrid' disks. These were incorrectly displayed as GPT disks after the last update.
  • DOS batch file fix
    Fixed bug in DOS bat file generation. Previously the generated bat file would not run because it was generated as a Unicode, not ANSI, file.
  • Case sensitive file name extensions
    The '.mrimg' and 'mrbak' file name extensions were case sensitive when mounting the file. This meant that changing the file name of the generated file to be upper-case could result in the file failing to mount. This has been resolved.
  • Program crash if VSS failed to provide a shadow copy name
    A program crash could occur if Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) completed successfully but failed to allocate a name for the shadow copy file. This has been resolved.

What's new? v4.2.2733:

  • GPT disk support.
    Reflect can now image and restore GPT disks. This requires purchasing 'Macrium Reflect Additions' add-on. For more information please visit
  • Restore images to different hardware - NOT Windows Server
    Macrium Reflect can now enable different hardware to boot your existing Windows installation. A new product called 'ReDeploy' is available in the 'Macrium Reflect Additions' add-on. For more information please visit
  • New Disk Space Management options
    The DSM options now include:

    New option to purge old backups based on a specified number of full backups to retain in the backup target directory.
    New option to run the DSM purge before the backup or after a successful backup has run.
  • File and folder restore - Restore folder dates
    The file and folder restore process now restores the creation and last modified dates of retored folders.
  • Improved speed for File Systems with 512 bytes per sector
    Reflect could be slow to startup if a large file system was a detected with a cluster size of only 512 bytes.
  • Image mounting service can now be set to 'Manual' start instead of 'Automatic'
    ReflectService.exe will now be started when required and is not dependant on the 'Automatic' start option to start the service at Windows boot time.

Bug fixes:

  • Disk Space Management for differential images and backups bug
    DSM options were being carried forward from the full image that was being appended to during the differential/Incremental edit process. This has been resolved and the correct DSM values are now stored in the XML file.
  • Using 'High Priority' could make Windows very slow to respond during a 'File and Folder' backup with many thousands of folders
    The highest thread priority is now THREAD_PRIORITY_HIGHEST instead of THREAD_PRIORITY_TIME_CRITICAL
  • Partition / Disk detection issue
    If a disk had a partition formatted beyond the end of the reported size of the disk then the disk would show no partitions available to image in the Reflect main Window. Reflect now extends the disk size if a partition is greater than the reported disk size.
  • Linux Ext partition incremental/differential problem with multiple disks
    If a Linux Ext2/3/4 partition is incremented and Windows detects the local disks in a different sequence after a reboot then Reflect would fail to identify the Linux partition for the incremental / differential image. This has been resolved.
  • VBScript - Email not sent for scheduled tasks on Vista/Server 2008
    By default, a subroutine is created in the VBScript source to 'elevate' the VBScript for User Account Control (UAC). The Windows 'User Profile Hive Cleanup Service' was incorrectly closing required registry keys (after 5 minutes) for both Reflect and WScript if the VBScript is scheduled and elevated at run time. A new parameter ("-s") is now passed to any scheduled VBScript source files that disable UAC elevation for scheduled tasks.
  • Linux rescue CD compatibility mode error
    When setting the Linux CD for 'Compatibility Mode' this could cause your network interface card (NIC) not to be detected. This has been resolved.
  • Program crash if application is closed while scanning disks.
    A program error would occur if Reflect was closed while the scanning disks 'Splash' window was showing. This has been resolved.
  • Program crash when deleting a scheduled task
    A program error could occur after deleting a freshly created scheduled task. This has been resolved.
  • Memory leak in ReflectService.exe
    A small memory leak has been fixed in ReflectService.exe.

What's new? v4.2.2525:

  • Unicode file name compatibility.
    Reflect is now Unicode compliant. 'File and Folder' backups can now backup and restore files and folders with names that use characters outside the current Windows code page.
  • Windows PE Update
    A new version of the Windows PE rescue CD (2.1.2525) is available. Click the 'Update' button in the Reflect CD burn wizard for more information.

Bug fixes:

  • The restore wizard asks for a password twice if an image file was encrypted.
    This has been resolved.
  • Log file purge error
    Windows XP only - An error message would display at startup if the log file purge had nothing to delete and 'Move to Recycle Bin' was selected. This has been resolved.
  • Live update error
    Reflect could crash when receiving program updates via a proxy server, This has been resolved.
  • Password dialog focus
    The password entry field now has the default focus when the password dialog is displayed.

What's new? v4.2.2376:

  • Compatibility with disks that have sector sizes greater than 512 bytes
    Reflect can now image and restore to disks with sector sizes greater than 512 bytes. Partitions can also be restored to a disk with a different sector size to the original. This is included in an update to the Linux, BartPE and Windows PE rescue CDs.

  • Log file purge
    New option in defaults to purge log files older than a user defined period. The purge can optionally be set to run when Reflect starts.

  • Unique Disk ID used to remember partiton location
    To prevent problems when Windows enumerates disks with different disk numbers, Reflect now references the unique Disk ID, instead of the disk number when creating a disk image. The Disk ID is also shown in the main Window drive list and saved in the XML file.

  • Unmount an image in Windows Explorer
    New right click option in Windows Explorer to unmount a disk image.

  • Pre and post shadow copy script - Windows Server only
    It's now possible to run batch files pre and post shadow copy creation. Create a batch file in the same directory as the XML file using the following file name convention:

    <XML File Name>_before_snapshot.vbs / .exe / .bat
    <XML File Name>_before_snapshot_wait.vbs / .exe / .bat

    <XML File Name>_after_snapshot.vbs / .exe / .bat
    <XML File Name>_after_snapshot_wait.vbs / .exe / .bat

    Note: The 'wait' suffix will wait for the batch file to return before continuing with the backup.
  • Update to the Linux rescue CD v2.1.2376
    Linux rescue CD now enumerates a greater number of external drives.

Bug fixes:

  • Reflect now enumerates more than 10 disks
    Disks available for imaging were excluded from Reflect if the drive number in the disk management console exceeded 10. This has been resolved.
  • Partition alignment problem when restoring to an unpartitioned disk the same size as the original.
    The newly created partition would always be aligned on a cylinder boundary regardless of whether the original was a vista (1MB Aligned) partition or not. This has been fixed

What's new? v4.2.2097:

  • Windows 7 - Mount images over a network share
    Update to correct the 'File not found' message when mounting a disk image or file backup over a password protected network share.

  • Server 2003/2008 and all x64 versions of Windows - Simultaneous Shadow Copies of multiple volumes
    When multiple partitions are selected for imaging, VSS now creates simultaneous shadow copies of all selected volumes. This enables all VSS writers to participate in the shadow copy if more than one volume is required for the writer and the volumes are included in the shadow copy.

  • BitLocker - Macrium Reflect can now image BitLockered volumes on Windows 7 and Vista
    Images will contain encrypted data if the Volume is locked and unencrypted data if the volume is unlocked.

  • Reflect now uses its own registry key for Shadow Copy file initiation
    Previously the default Microsoft registry entry was used. This caused 'DVR-MS' files to be excluded from shadow copies for some Windows Media Center editions of Windows. DVR-MS files are Media Center recording files.

Bug fixes:

  • Program crash if a FAT32 partition had a file cluster mapped beyond the end of the file system
    This has been resolved.

  • Problem mounting an image after more than 127 incrementals or differentials
    This has been resolved.

  • Double encryption for file and folder backups
    A file and folder backup with no compression and AES encryption would be encrypted twice. This has been resolved. Existing backups with this error can now be read and and restored.

What's new? v4.2.2082:

  • BartPE plug-in update - Full edition only
    The BartPE plug-in can now create as well as restore as disk images. The BartPE plug-in is only available for XP 32 bit installations.
  • Windows PE update - Registered users only
    The Windows PE rescue CD can now create as well as restore as disk images.
    Note: Please click the 'Updates' button in the 'Rescue CD Wizard' to complete this update.
  • Linux CD update
    The Linux rescue CD has been updated to kernel
    There was a problem mounting FAT32 drives using the previous Linux release. This has now been resolved.

Bug fixes:

  • File and folder restore modified time
    Restored files could be given the wrong last modified time. This problem was caused by incorrect time zone information.

What's new? v4.2.2076:

  • Linux rescue CD update - 2.0.197
    The Linux rescue CD has been updated with the latest Linux kernel ( This adds support for a greater range of disk controllers and network interface cards.
  • Update for Windows 7 boot menu
    Full edition only: The Windows PE 2.0 boot menu has been updated to work with Windows 7.
  • XML password encryption
    Full edition only: Passwords saved in the XML backup definition file can now be encrypted. This is a user defined option that is turned on by default.
  • Scheduled tasks can now be created for domain admins
    Entering 'domain\username' for the default scheduled task user, enables scheduled tasks to run using a domain account.
  • Scheduled tasks can now be created for the local 'SYSTEM' account
    Entering 'SYSTEM', with no password, for the default scheduled task user enables scheduled tasks to run using the local SYSTEM account.
  • Smaller incremental images
    Restore points are now excluded from images. This makes incremental images smaller as a restore point is created prior to creating a Volume Snapshot.
  • File and folder backup can now backup and restore security restricted files.
    Full edition only: Files contained in 'Private' directories can now be backed up and restored without changing the NTFS permissions to allow access.
  • Prevent Vista sleep event during backup
    Reflect will prevent Vista enering a sleep state while a backup or image is running.

Bug fixes:

  • 'Windows did not shutdown properly' message displayed for a restored Vista partition.
    A restored Vista partition now boots cleanly into the Windows logon screen.
  • Program crash when running Reflect via a remote desktop session.
    Reflect could occasionally crash when started during a remote desktop session.
  • A BitLocker encrypted file system would only create a 'Clone' partition.
    A BitLockered file system now only includes used clusters in the image file.
  • 'Intel Embedded Turbo' memory problem.
    A PC using Intel Embedded Turbo memory would cause Reflect to crash at startup.
  • Program crash when a user has no groups associated with their user profile.
    Reflect would crash at startup if a user existed on the PC with no groups associated in the user profile.
  • NTFS corrupt attribute list
    Reflect could crash at startup if a local file system had a corrupt attribute list in the root directory.
  • $VOLUME MFT record corrupt
    Reflect could crash at startup if the NTFS $VOLUME MFT record was corrupt.

What's new? v4.2.2055:

  • Linux rescue CD update - 2.0.187
    The Linux rescue CD has been updated with the latest Linux kernel ( This adds support for a greater range of disk controllers and network interface cards.

Bug fixes:

  • Clean drive dismount
    Windows XP only - When overwriting a partition during a restore it was sometimes necessary to reboot Windows to see the restored partition. Reflect can now cleanly dismount the overwritten partition.
  • File name problem after 99 file increments
    After more than 99 increments the auto generated image and backup file name could become corrupt. This issue has been resolved.
  • Network transfer speed
    Direct disk write has been disabled for network images and backups. Some network implementations suffered serious performance degradation with file system cache write though enabled.
  • Incremental and differential image CRC errors
    Incremental and differential disk images could trigger a CRC error if the imaged disk had bad sectors. Incremental and differential images now refer to a bad cluster map and avoid reading damaged disk sectors.

What's new? v4.2.2042:

Bug fixes:

  • Linux Rescue CD fix
    The Linux Rescue CD 2.0185 could have problems detecting some locally attached drives. The rescue CD has been reverted to 2.0.181.

What's new? v4.2.2041:

  • Compatibility with Freecom and similar FAT32 NAS implementations
    Macrium Reflect now uses a compatible method of file seeking that avoids the 'File Corrupt' message caused by some SMB NAS implementations.

Bug fixes:

  • Detach image from Windows Explorer
    It was possible for drive letters mapped to an image to be missing from the 'Detach Image' dialog. This has been resolved.
  • Vista DVD format problem with non-English Windows versions
    The format dialog could hang when attempting to format a DVD when running non-English editions of Windows Vista. This has been resolved.

What's new? v4.2.2033:

  • Updates and registration via a proxy server
    Macrium Reflect can now store password a user name information for Internet access via a proxy server
  • File backup include and exclude filter length
    There is now no limit on the length of the 'include' and 'exclude' filter string length. Previously this was restricted to the width of the input field.

Bug fixes:

  • Scheduled tasks could wait indefinitely if the destination storage was full
    If the destination NAS or disk fills during a scheduled image or backup AND the task was started without a logged on user, then the task could wait indefinitely for user input. This has been resolved.
  • Incremental image message
    When creating an incremental or differential image you could receive the message "Cannot add to this image. A partition contained in this backup cannot be found on your computer". This message was incorrect and has been removed.
  • Windows PE Boot menu crash
    On XP 64 Bit systems Reflect could crash when updating the boot menu.
  • XML validation error for partition number ten
    XML files would incorrectly fail validation if a partition being imaged was the tenth partition on the disk.

What's new? v4.2.2020/21:

  • Server 2008 support
    Macrium Reflect is now comatible with Windows Server 2008, both 32 and 64 bit editions.
  • EXT3 file system support
    The Linux EXT3 file system is now supported when creating a partition image. This means that Reflect can determine which disk sectors are in use by EXT3 and create an optimised image file.

Bug fixes:

  • Environment variables Issue
    A bug in Windows caused some volatile environment variables to persist between reboots. This can cause XP and Vista to run slower after many hundreds of images or file backups. This has been resolved.
  • Program crash when saving XML file
    If the default location for an XML file is a directory that no-longer exists, reflect could stop with a program exception error.

What's new? 4.2:

  • New faster compression engine
    Higher compression ratio and faster compression makes Reflect the fastest imaging and backup software available. This upgrade is only compatible with version 2 or higher of the Linux and Windows PE rescue CD.
  • Auto Verify
    Image or backup files can be automatically verified directly after creation.
    This can be enabled globally or at backup/image run time.
  • Batch Mode Time-Out
    Batch backups can have an optional time-out applied to terminate the backup/image if the user doesn’t respond to an interactive message in time.
    An interactive message is anything that needs intervention to complete the backup, such as formatting a DVD or selecting a new location because the current one is full.
  • Log Filtering
    Logs can now be filtered to show successful or failed logs only.
  • XML File location
    You can now choose the directory to save XML files to.
  • Linux Rescue CD
    Update to the latest Linux kernel. This adds support for all SATA modes and the latest Intel network interface cards. Note: Prior versions of the Linux and Windows rescue CD will not work with backups or images created with this version of Reflect.
  • Windows PE
    Reflect 4.2 will now create Windows PE ISO images ‘on the fly’. This has the following implications:
    1. The Keyboard, Time Zone and date formatting is now automatic. A configuration file is created in the root of the ISO image and loaded when the CD boots.
    2. Additional drivers can be automatically loaded when Windows PE boots. Drivers can be added to the directory structure under 'c:\boot\macrium\drivers'. See the help file for more information.
  • Windows Boot Menu
    A new Windows boot menu will boot into the Windows PE rescue environment without using a boot CD/DVD. When starting Windows you can choose to boot into the Reflect recovery environment or Windows. This environment is exactly the same as the Windows PE rescue CD and will load user drivers as outlined above.
  • DVD rescue disk
    The Linux and Windows rescue discs can now be burnt to DVD as well as CD.
  • ISO image files
    The Linux and Windows rescue discs can now be saved as ISO image files to be burnt using 3rd party software.

  • BartPE
    A BartPE plug-in is now part of the standard install. A BartPE CD uses existing XP and Server 2003 system files to boot your PC. PE-Builder must already be installed on the PC for this option. See the help file for more information.

Bug fixes:

  • Incremental file and folder restore crash
    Reflect would occasionally crash when restoring files where the data spanned multiple archive files.
  • Scheduled tasks waiting after completion
    Scheduled File and folder backups could sometimes wait for up to two hours after successful completion of the backup.
  • Missed tasks triggered incorrectly
    Windows XP would occasionally start a task seconds before the actual run time. This cased Reflect to assume that the run time had been missed and the task would be started again.


v4.1.1913 - v4.1.1937

Minor cosmetic and pre 4.2 release enhancemts


What's new?:

  • Vista Aero
    For Vista users only. The current skin is replaced with the Vista Aero theme.
  • Disk Space Management
    Old backups and image files are now cleared BEFORE the current backup or image executes, this prevents 'Disk Full' problems. To setup disk space management choose the 'Advanced' options in the backup wizard.

Bug fixes:

  • MSXML caused program crash
    Microsoft XML Com component could cause Reflect to terminate if not properly installed or access to the Reflect update service was attempted behind a firewall and proxy server.


What's new?:

  • Domain Administrators can start and run Reflect
    Users can now start and run Reflect if they have enough privileges for direct access to local hard drives. This extends access to Administrators of the local domain.
  • Linux Rescue CD update to v1.1.137
    Note: This is a separate download. To update your CD start the Rescue CD burn wizard and click the 'Check for updates' button.
  • Vista eject DVD issue
    On some installations the auto ejection of CD/DVD media after backup or image completion could take up to a minute or more. This has now been resolved.



What's new?:

  • Update to the DC/DVD burning engine to 2.07
    Compatibility with a wider range of CD/DVD writers



Bug fixes:

  • NTFS File System verification 
    NTFS file systems with a cluster size of 512 bytes and a fragmented MFT could falsely report an error with the file system.
  • Linux Rescue CD update to v1.1.134
    Note: This is a separate download. To update your CD start the Rescue CD burn wizard and click the 'Check for updates button.


Bug fixes:

  • Dynamic disk issues
    Systems with mixed dynamic and basic disk configurations caused the restore wizard to generate a program error.
  • Default Option caused program error
    The dfault options dialog could generate a program error when selecting the 'Verify' option.


What's new?

  • Differential and Incremental image speed increase
    New optimization of NTFS meta data ensures that the both differential and incremental images are now up to 100% faster.
  • Increased number of concurrent mounted Images
    Up to 20 images can now be mounted at the same time in Windows explorer.

Bug fixes:

  • Differential backup multiple local disks
    When matching the base image for differential backups on systems with multiple local drives Reflect would sometimes abort the backup with a partition error message.


What's new?

  • Increased disk image speed
    Up to 100% increase in disk image creation speed. Reflect can now create images across 100mb/s network links in less than half the time of earlier version. Also, a significant improvement in image times to USB/Fire wire drives.

Bug fixes:

  • Differential backup file numbering
    Fixed an issue with the file numbering of differential backups. It is now possible to create multiple differential backups without overwriting previous differentials of the same base (full) image.
  • Password Entry for differential backups and Images
    The password field in 'Advanced Settings' was disabled for incremental and differential backups and images.


What's new?

  • Windows Server 2003, Server 2003R2, Windows Server 2008 (Beta)  compatibility
    Reflect is now compatible with Windows Server 2003. Reflect now uses the Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS) with full VSS writer support.
  • Network Logon Credentials
    Network user name and password credentials can now be stored. This enables network backups to start before user logon on secure networks.

Bug fixes:

  • Vista messages boxes could lose focus and minimize to the task bar

    Some message dialogs could lose focus and minimize to the task bar when another application gains the input focus. This has been resolved.
  • VBScript User Account Control (UAC) elevation problem

    Vista VBScript files could not start Reflect when initiated from a process without administration elevation ( Such as clicking a desktop shortcut ). This has now been resolved, just regenerate any problem VBScript files.
  • CD/DVD burning engine update

    The integrated burning engine has been updated to the latest release. This supports additional CD writers and adds faster burning to some DVD-RW media.


What's new?

  • AES encryption
    Backup and image files can now be encrypted using secure 256 bit AES encryption. To enable AES encryption go to the password option of 'Advanced Settings' in the backup wizard.

Bug fixes:

  • Check duplicate disk id's

    Restoring a saved Master Boot Record no-longer allows for duplicate disk id's if more than one disk exists on the same PC. This caused problems with Windows assigning the 'System' partition to the wrong disk.
  • XML definition 'maxfilesize'

    The XML node <maxfilesize> was always read as zero regardless of the value entered.
  • Program crash when stepping through the backup wizard

    Reflect would sometimes crash when running an incremental file and folder backup immediately after completing the backup wizard.
  • XML definition 'file_name'

    The XML node <file_name> would be incorrectly set for a file and folder backup if the 'calculate' link was selected at the end of the backup wizard.

To install this patch click the 'Download' button.